What Conviction Politics mean

A lesson for the Lib Dems - David writes

7 Nov 2007

According to Liberal Democrat and Gateshead councillor Jonathan Wallace I am "arrogant" for saying that I believe that the interests of the Labour Party and the interests of the country are indivisible.

How curious. Does Councillor Wallace not believe that the interests of the Liberal Democrat party are in the national interest? If not why is he a member? - unless it is to pursue the interests of his party whether in the interests of the country or not!

It seems clear to me, but apparently not to Councillor Wallace, that a person joins a political party because he or she believes that the broad policies and philosophy of that party are in the national interest. The fact that Councillor Wallace is unable to grasp that point says a lot about his convictions and those of the Liberal Democrats.

As to his criticism of my being willing to stand up for the North East - even if it means departing from the government line from time to time - well, that is what conviction politics means. Clearly the councillor is unable to understand such things.

However, I am pleased that Councillor Wallace is an avid reader of my web site. It is of course available to all who wish to visit and is not therefore, as he alleges, restricted to members of the Labour Party.

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