Patrick C Notchtree

Patrick C Notchtree

I have published a couple of books, so maybe that makes me an author. I am a member of the so-called 'golden generation' that was born just after the second world war, 1946 in my case, who have lived through a time of increasing prosperity and social and health care. There was always the imminent threat of nuclear war, but I'm not complaining.

I suppose I knew from an early age I was gay but without defining it as such. It was highly illegal then as well as being seen as socially unacceptable. Things have thankfully changed since then, but I will refrain from putting too much biographical detail here, as that would be a spoiler for my memoir, but I now live in the north of England with family nearby.

This page is essentially to provide links to my books and to the various other miscellaneous writings I have produced.

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The Clouds Still Hang

The Clouds Still Hang - info card

This is my memoir, the story of my own life told through my avatar, Simon. I can't call it an autobiography as I've had to change many names etc. so biographical memoir it is. The complete trilogy is also available to download as an audiobook; hear me read my own true story. I should warn that due to sexual (but not porn) and suicide content that my book is recommended for those over 18 only.
Full details are on the book's website;


Apostrophe Catastrophe

The book, 'Apostrophe Catastrophe'.

The apostrophe must be the most misunderstood and misused piece of punctuation in the language. This is made worse by the fact that most people simply fail to understand what it does, and make it unnecessarily complicated. The result is that many people, in an effort to appear correct, use a scatter-gun approach, dropping in apostrophes every time the letter "s" ends a word, for plurals, possessives and contractions alike.
In fact, using the apostrophe correctly is easy - once you know the rule!
Notice I say, "the rule". Despite the confusion about this and many variations, there is in fact just one place where an apostrophe is used. Just one. It really is easy to remember. Buy the book and never get it wrong again!
You can order it bookshops or on-line - and

John Humphrys; BBC Journalist; Presenter, 'Today', BBC Radio 4, 'Mastermind'.

"Welcome to the pedants' club. I'm struggling to find a way of faulting your theory ... and having a bit of trouble.
Well done."
John Humphrys
(BBC Journalist; Presenter, 'Today', BBC Radio 4, 'Mastermind'.)


Miscellaneous Blog posts and Links

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