The book of Nehemiah supplements that of Ezra but also tells of the struggles of the returning exiles to rebuild and fortify the ruined city of Jerusalem, surrounded as they were by jealous and hostile neighbours.
Nehemiah 1.vv.1-11c to "Your name"

Despite plotting, treachery and threats, Nehemiah the Governor stirred up the people for the mammoth task of rebuilding, and with God's help the city's defences were rebuilt.
Nehemiah 6.vv.15-16

The rededication of the city, the public reading of the Law and thanksgiving to God for his mercies form a fitting climax to the work of Ezra and Nehemiah. The Feast of Booths was re-established, a memorial of the 'sojourn in the wilderness' (cf. Leviticus 23.v.42).
Nehemiah 8.vv.1-18

The book closes with long lists of Priests, Levites, Singers and ritual observances, followed by the enforcement of strict Sabbath observance and segregation of the 'Jews' (Israel's survivors) from Gentiles (non-Jewish peoples).

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