The prophet Hosea likens the relationship between Israel and her God to that of a wife to her husband. The prophet declares that although Israel has proved faithless, yet God in His tender love and faithfulness cannot and will not cast her off, but having disciplined her will restore her to His favour.
Hosea 2.vv.19-20

A grim picture is painted of Israel's sins, but the prophet urges repentance in a lovely passage which speaks of God's pardon and loving kindness.
Hosea 4.vv.1-3, and 6.vv.1-6

having further elaborated his account of Israel's (Ephraim's) sins the prophet in a tender passage represents God as filled with compassion for His erring people, longing to forgive and restore them.
Hosea 11.vv.1-4, and vv.8-11

The prophet ends this short book with a further plea to Israel to return to the Lord, assuring them that He is a God of forgiveness and loving kindness.
Hosea 14.vv.1-7

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