G33    MICAH

The contribution which Micah makes to the prophetic insights of the Old Testament consists largely in his wider vision of God's purposes for mankind.

After inveighing against Israel's sins, the prophet foresees a bright future.
Micah 1.v.1 and 4.vv.1-5

Christian piety has always seen the birth of Christ prefigured in the oracle (quoted in Matthew 2.v.6) of Chapter 5.vv.2-5.
Micah 5.vv.2-5

One of the first oracles of Micah is his description of true religion and what God requires of the worshipper.
Micah 6.vv.6-8

Despite his optimism, Micah was overcome with grief at the current state of affairs in Israel; but the complaint gives way to the vision of a bright future in which the surrounding nations come to worship Israel's God, the God of compassion and steadfast love.
Micah 7.vv.1-20

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