The prophet Zechariah, like the prophet Ezekiel, was a mystic visionary, whose oracles are not easily understood. The first vision of the watchers' horses bears a message of grace and comfort for the returning exiles; the earth is at peace, God is returning to His people. Zion will again prosper.
Zechariah 1.vv.7-17

The prosperity of Zion is emphasised again in the vision of the man with the measuring line. there is no need to build walls around the city, for God Himself will be its shield and defence. The prophet also predicts that other nations will join with Israel in the worship of her God. God is the God who acts!
Zechariah 2.vv.1-13

Several of the visions of Zechariah, though colourful and interesting, are omitted because they add little to the spiritual content of the book, but we return to a lovely passage which again speaks of God's abiding presence in Zion and of peoples of other nations coming to worship Israel's God. The highlight of Zechariah's prophecy is the concept of the universal appeal of Israel's God!
Zechariah 8.vv.3-13

The book of Zechariah ends with oracles some of which the Christian Church has applied directly to the coming of Jesus Christ in His role as the humble "Prince of Peace" (Matthew 21.v.5) on Palm Sunday .
Zechariah 9.vv.9-10

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