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The authorship of this letter is a matter of dispute. Beginnings and endings of letters may easily mislead, since letters were so rare and valuable, and probably often adapted to suit particular times and places. The authorship is a matter of slight importance; the important thing is that the letter has been preserved and bears the authority of St. Paul, and some very valuable teaching.

The introduction to this letter is very impressive as it sets forth God's eternal and redemptive purposes for His people.
Ephesians 1.vv.1-23, and 2.vv.1-10

The writer elaborates the theme that Jew and Gentile, once separated, are now one in Christ.
Ephesians 2.vv.13-22, and 3.vv.14-20

This new found unity in Christ lays upon all the duty of living lives worthy of one's calling and the exercise of one's spiritual gifts.
Ephesians 4.vv.1-32, and 5.vv.1-20

The writer deals with some of the moral problems of his day, but ends the letter with a well known and stirring challenge couched in terms of spiritual warfare.
Ephesians 6.v.5, vv.10-23

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