The book Deuteronomy which means 'Second Law (Giving)' describes the arrival of Israel on the borders of the 'Promised Land'. There Moses teaches them the statutes and ordinances of God and the book ends with the death of Moses after he has commissioned Joshua to succeed him.

The journey of 40 years is resumed under God's blessing.
Deut.1.vv.6-8 and 2.v.7

Moses foretells his death and urges his people to observe the Covenant God has made with His people.

The Second Law Giving (see Exodus.20.vv.1-17) now follows.
Deut.5.vv.1, vv.6-21

A warning is given against faithlessness.
Deut.6.vv.4-13, and vv.20-25

God's love for His people is declared.

God disciplines His people, and warnings are given against pride and lack of gratitude.

What does God require? This is one of the loveliest Old Testament passages.

'Do not forget these words of mind'. Aids to memory.

The chapters that follow, concerned with pagan and ancient Jewish ritual, sabbatical years, punishments, penalties and rules of warfare are omitted, but a few of the laws concerning love for the poor and needy, and gratitude for God's gifts are retained.
Deut.23.vv.24-25, and 26.vv.1-11

The choice of life and death, blessings and curses form a fitting conclusion to Moses' warnings to his people.
Deut.30.vv.1-5, and vv.9-20

As Moses feels his life is drawing to a close, he appoints Joshua to succeed him as leader of the people.

An account of the death of Moses and a tribute to his role as Servant of God concludes the book of Deuteronomy.

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