St. Paul appears to have given his assistant Titus a formidable task to perform in Crete to judge from his opinion of the Cretans expressed at the beginning of his letter!

The Apostle enumerates the failings of the Cretans and urges Titus to discipline them with severity, but he is, as always, careful to stress that personal example in godly living is of paramount importance in those who teach and instruct.
Titus 1.v.4, and 2.vv.7-8, vv.10-15

The tone of the letter becomes more pacific and conciliatory in tone as it proceeds, and allowances are made for the Cretans, as the Apostle recalls that he and his companions were not always in the past God-fearing and blameless in their behaviour before receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Titus 3.vv.1-7, v.15

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