The Rev Eric Little, September 2005, while wrting Wisdom, at his home near Winchester.
The Rev Eric Little, September 2005, while writing "Wisdom", at his home near Winchester.
My interest in "Wisdom" has steadily increased with the passing of time, yet I now find myself in my dotage, as far from enjoying this enviable acquisition in my own life as ever. What I have gained instead, is a wholesome and thorough admiration and respect for those many happy mortals who have succeeded in their quest for "her", (Sophia)

Since my family and friends are also interested in Wisdom, I would like to help them if possible to understand something of the nature and difficulties we all encounter in our pursuit of wisdom.

My interest in, and knowledge of wisdom, have been greatly stimulated by my study of the Bible, where there is a truly amazing amount of teaching about wisdom deriving directly from source (God) and continuing ad infinitum to describe and elucidate all that mere mortals can grasp of this great subject.

I offer these brief notes in the hope that some of my readers of "The Word of the Lord" may find some help in their perusal of them.

Eric Little
7 March 2006

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