The Law & The Prophets

Having profound and loving regard for the Law (The Torah) and the Prophets, I find it difficult to write about "Wisdom" without considering the "Prophets" whose lives and roles in the lives of Israel were so brilliant. Some time ago, I felt that I should combine them in at least a short appreciation of their importance in Israel's religion. I am therefore adding to these notes a brief recognition of the part they have played in Israel's faith. Thanks be to God!

Prophet or "Seer"

A prophet or "seer" is not only a forthteller and guide to our understanding of the complex world in which we live, but one who reveals or opens up the hidden secrets of our hearts and discloses the will of God in our lives. To those who lack spiritual insight and understanding there may be a blessed quietude of consciousness and spirit which we should recognise and respect. We meet in life's stress and turmoil, loving souls who need our help and yet contribute as much to the well-being of our lives as those who lack understanding and need our compassion and help.

It is hardly surprising that earnest seekers after the truth, when they have been blessed by learning about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, recognise Him and call Him a "prophet" even though they cannot accept the doctrine of his divinity. The problem for non-Christians is very acute, especially in the light of the fourth Gospel's explicit statement "I and the father are one".

For Christians, Christ is the "Light of the World" and for those of spiritual insight, prophecy is like the emergence of lights that flare in the darkness of the world in various places at various times, and bring healing, understanding, joy and peace to those who perceive them. These lights have names in the Bible, such as Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the so-called "Minor Prophets", but every age has increased the roll of those who have revealed the mind of God, nameless saints of humble aspirations except to do the will of God. As Ecclesiastes states: "Some there be which have no memorial who are perished... but they have entered into the "Kingdom of God".

"The Kingdom of God" or "The Kingdom of Heaven" is that to which the prophets direct our attention by their teaching and example.

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