How do we respond to the gift of wisdom?

We now face the problem of responsibility, for each of us according to our ability and choice must respond to the proffered gift. In other words, how do we meet or reconcile God's providence with our own wilfulness, sin, pride, folly and disobedience, and our response to God the giver of this great gift?

Having therefore established as far as we are able, the knowledge we possess from our Christian faith, we now grapple with the well-nigh intractable problem of how, in the light of our weakness, sin and ignorance, we so order our lives as to work out those glimmerings of intelligent and God-given wisdom with which God has blessed us. In other words, according to our ability, how far do we follow the example set by Jesus Christ in his wisdom, humility, obedience and trust in God's goodness and love to us, his children?

The classic response seems to me that of Solomon who on the death of David, his father, was offered by God the choice of what we might call the fairy tale offer; "Ask what you wish, and it will be granted". Faced with the prospect of wealth, power, greatness and all that a prospective and ambitious ruler might have snatched at, Solomon chose to ask God for the gift of Wisdom to rule his people wisely, setting at nought all the allure and excitements that a self-seeking despot might desire. Only God, the giver of the gift, could judge the wisdom of Solomon's choice and we know that "it pleased the Lord". The sequel to this choice of Solomon and his subsequent life, led to his career for which he, like all those upon whom greatness is conferred, thenceforward accepted the responsibility of his choice. Before God as Judge, he stands convicted by his deeds and misdeeds as we surely do, trusting in God's mercy and compassion at his "Judgement day".

Who are we to stand in judgement upon Solomon's or anyone else's entry into Life Eternal? Only Almighty God is his, and our Judge; "Lord, have mercy".

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