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March 2010: the final report

Making his mark

29 Mar 2010
In his last speech to the House of Commons, David reviewed his time at Westminster.
He also looked back at how the North-East has changed and after the destruction of the Thatcher years, the region has regenerated with new opportunities and technologies. He hoped he had made his mark, however slight, in helping his constituents over the years.

Turks and Caicos Islands

23 Mar 2010
David led a Commons debate on the Turks and Caicos Islands.
This small group of Caribbean islands have a history of poor governance which David outlined, but are also known as a tax avoidance base, including, it is alleged, by Lord Ashcroft.

North-East - a region with a future

18 Mar 2010
David has told the Commons that the North-East is a region with a future and deserves a high speed rail link.
He asked the Transport Minister if he was aware of the Ultraspeed report that showed Maglev was a faster, greener, quieter and more cost-effective answer to the high-speed rail question.

Drug law changes soon

18 Mar 2010
David says he is confident that the law on drugs will soon be modified.
This follows the deaths of two teenagers after using the plant food mephedrone as a stimulant.

Region must press case for High Speed Rail

11 Mar 2010
David has said the North-East must continue to argue for a High Speed rail link. High Speed train Lord Adonis, Transport Secretary has announced a plan for a 'Y' shaped line dividing at Birmingham with one line coming as far as Leeds.

Mobility Scooters

11 Mar 2010
David thinks there may be merit in a proficiency scheme for mobility scooter users.
But, speaking in the Transport committee recently he said there were factors like how such as scheme would be administered, whether it should be compulsory and what eyesight and fitness standards would be appropriate.

Beware Tory Scam

24 Feb 2010
David has asked the Prime Minister about scams awareness month.
He pointed out that the Conservatives posing as a party fir for government was one of the biggest scams in recent history.

Call to help pubs and clubs

10 Feb 2010
David has called on the government to do more to help pubs and clubs.
In a parliamentary motion, he welcomes the efforts to help pubs but says that private clubs such a working men's clubs are also suffering. not least from the taxman!

David cleared on expenses

29 Jan 2010
David has been cleared of making any improper claims on his parliamentary expenses.
In a brief statement. David says that Sir Paul Kennedy said that there was nothing improper about the arrangements he made and there was no additional burden on the public purse.

David Clelland MP to retire

26 Jan 2010
David has decided to retire from Parliament at the next election.
In a short statement he says he is now coming up to 67 and a 4 or 5 year Parliament would take him beyond the age of 70. The death of a younger colleague and other personal reasons have caused him to reassess his position.

No Upgrade for Death Trap Road

2 Dec 2009
The government has said that local councils should find the money to upgrade the A1 in Northumberland.
David tackled the Transport Secretary Lord Adonis in the Commons Select Committee, saying the road should be upgraded on safety grounds.
Committee Session

Freeman of the Borough!

10 Feb 2011
David is a freeman of Gateshead.
He was honoured at a ceremony in the town in February 2011, three months after the decision was taken by the Council of Gateshead to make the award in November 2010.
The honorary freedom is in recognition of his years of service to Gateshead, the town where he grew up, particularly as Member of Parliament. David received his Charter from the Mayor of Gateshead, Cllr Michael Hood.
David receiving his Charter from the Mayor of Gateshead, Cllr Michael Hood

Fulsome tribute to David

9 Jun 2010
Ian Mearns, MP for the new constituency of Gateshead, paid a fulsome tribute to David in his maiden speech.
He remembered the 'great passion' that David devoted to his work on behalf of Tyne Bridge and especially his home town of Gateshead and praised David's contribution to making Gateshead 'an even better place to live'.
Ian Mearns

My last year of hell

24 Apr 2010
David has revealed how his last year as an MP was blighted by threats and innuendo over expenses.
And yet he was completely exonerated and found to be totally guilt free. Yet this unfounded slur threatens to overshadow the many years of good work for Tyne Bridge and the region, especially in the area of transport, that David has given.
See also 'Months of hell - and nothing to repay!'
David Clelland

Magpies back 'where they belong'

6 Apr 2010
David has said he is thrilled that Newcastle United are back in the Premier League next season.
He described the Premiership as the Magpie's 'natural home' and said he had never doubted their return.
St James' Park

BAE let workforce down

25 Mar 2010
David has slammed BAE for the way the company handled the bidding for the light tank contract.
While David and North-East minister Nick Brown were lobbying hard at Westminster, BAE changed 'the nature of the game'.
BAE Systems

BAE defence bid fails

14 Mar 2010
David has spoken of his disappointment at rumours that BAE Systems has failed in its bid to get two major contracts.
According to the Financial Times the work is expected to go to American company General Dynamics who will build the army's Scout armoured vehicles. The expected refit of Warrior vehicles is expected to be delayed for a year.
Update 22 Mar 2010
David has expressed his disappointment that the rumours are now shown to be true.

Pupils, not profit

16 Mar 2010
David has co-sponsored a Commons motion deploring the notion that state schools should be run for profit.
The proposals are based on a Swedish model backed by the Conservatives but David says that future generations should not be exploited by companies for profit.

Challenge to Minister on A1 speed limit

2 Mar 2010
David has challenged the Transport Secretary over plans for the A1 western by pass.
In the Commons Transport Committee he asked about Highway Agency plans to create three narrow lanes and impose a 50mph limit.
Western By pass (c)

Months of hell - and nothing to repay!

Press wrong over £300

5 Feb 2010
David has written of his nine months of hell over allegations regarding his expenses, of which he has now been completely exonerated.
Pointing out that has had to repay nothing and that all his expenses were perfectly legitimate, he says press reports he had to repay even £300 were wrong.

North-East 'gets the crumbs off the table'

1 Feb 2010
David has challenged a Transport Minister over developments of ports in the region.
In the Commons Transport Committee recently, David told Paul Clark that the government was not doing enough to develop the potential of the Tyne and Tees but handing it over to the market.
Port of Tyne

A1 solution on the cheap

27 Jan 2010
David has hit out at plans to restrict lanes and speed on the western by-pass.
The Highways Agency are thinking of crating three narrower lanes in each direction and restricting speed to 50 mph. David says this is to save money rather than find a real solution.
Western by pass Freefoto

More trains, and non-stop too

22 Jan 2010
David has welcomed the government's announcement of more trains from the North-East, including a non-stop Newcastle-London service.
Transport Secretary Lord Adonis was in the area yesterday to announce this. The Newcastle service would be more regular with some non-stop, and there are plans direct trains on the coastal route serving Sunderland and Middlesbrough.
State owned East Coast train

Baby screening

11 Jan 2010
David has raised the issue of the screening of newborn babies.
David asked the Secretary of State for Health what steps he plans to take to implement the recommendations of the NHS Human Tissue Authority Research Project entitled "Routine examination of the newborn: the EMREN study"
Earlier (7 Jan) he asked the Health Secretary what professional qualifications are required for a health practitioner in the NHS to perform the Ortolani and Barlow manoeuvre at the newborn and six to eight week physical examination.
Baby asleep

Gritting 'emergency measures'

9 Jan 2010
As salt shortages mean councils have cut back on road gritting, David has said the cold weather was unexpected.
Gateshead Council has only a few days supply left with a similar situation in Newcastle, leading to 'emergency measures'.
Snow plough and gritter vehicle

Air passenger duty

11 Dec 2009
David has co-sponsored a Commons motion calling for another look at air passenger duty.
The motion asks that regional airports should have measures to protect services under threat.
Passengers at Newcastle Airport

Chancellor's tightrope

8 Dec 2009
David has said the Chancellor will walk a tightrope when presenting the pre-Budget report.
But David said he was confident that a Labour Chancellor would safeguard the most vulnerable and their services.
The Chancellor, Alistair Darling

Challenge to Minister over East Coast Line

1 Dec 2009
David has tackled the Transport Minister about the East Coast Rail franchise.
In blunt questioning in the Commons transport committee, David accused the government of underestimating the ability of the companies to deliver, citing both GNER and National Express. He asked Chris Mole if he could be confident of getting it right next time.
East Coast train at Newcastle

Fare restraint expected

17 Nov 2009
David has called for restraint in fare increases on the East coast Main Line.
Fares set by National Express are due to come into force in January, but David says that the government owned railway should show restraint from now on.
East Coast Main Line

Jobs doubt needs sorting out

12 Nov 2009
David has called for an early resolution for 230 Tyneside workers.
The National Express customer service centre at Baron House in Newcastle does not automatically transfer to public ownership when National Express hands over the east coast line. The workers' future is therefore uncertain.

MP backs mutual Northern Rock

13 Nov 2009
David has backed plans for Northern Rock to remutualise, to become a building society again.
He has backed a Commons motions which calls on the government to restructure the banking sector to encourage mutual societies.
Northern Rock

Tackling Fuel Poverty

6 Nov 2009
David recently attended a 'Health Through Warmth' reception/
David is an active supporter of Health Through Warmth because it makes a definite and decisive improvement in the health and living conditions of the most vulnerable people in local communities.
 David with Housing Minister John Healey MP and Anne Toms, local Eaga representative

Keep St. James' Park

2 Nov 2009
David has placed the issue of renaming St. James' park before Parliament.
He has put forward a motion regretting any name change and calling on the club that whatever sponsorship deals are reached, the name of St. James' Park will live on.
St James' Park

David pushes for early defence decisions

30 Oct 2009
David has been pressing the government not to delay announcing contract awards for armoured vehicles.
This comes as BAE announce restructuring that could cost the jobs of over 200 workers at the Scotswood plant.
BAE Systems, Scotswood Road

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