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Banning conversion therapy

The UK Government has published detailed proposals to finally ban conversion therapy in the UK.

So-called conversion 'therapy' is a practice that attempts to suppress, "cure", or change a person's gender identity or sexual orientation. It does not work, and it causes lasting damage. While it is legal, LGBTQIA+ people remain at risk of harm.

Remember, conversion therapy doesn't only mean the horrendous methods that attract publicity but even just talking therapy with a psychiatrist, especially if pressured into it by others.

The UK Government outlined robust proposals that are a huge step towards consigning this abhorrent practice to the history books - but there are still a few gaps and loopholes in the proposals that need to be closed.

Fortunately, there's still time. The UK Government has begun a six-week consultation period, and this is our chance to make sure the ban is comprehensive and clear, so that no LGBTQIA+ person is subjected to this kind of abuse.

You can read the proposals and fill out the survey here.