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LGBT+ Over50s County Durham

Area mapDo you live or work in County Durham or the surrounding areas, are around 50 years old or more and identify as LGBT+?

We are an independent social group for LGBT+ people in and around County Durham. Our constitution states:

The aim of the Group is to:

Provide a safe social space, free from hatred, prejudice, and discrimination, for all LGBT+ people of a mature age [primarily, though not exclusively, aimed at 50+] in County Durham and surrounding areas. We strive to be open, supportive, and inclusive in all that we do, and are happy to act in a consulting role, to individuals and groups, within the communities we are a part of.

Ever felt a bit of an 'outsider'? Perhaps married, with family, but always had those 'gay' feelings? If you would like to meet other people like you in a safe environment, why not get in touch? Confidentiality is key and joining the group will not 'out' you in the wider community.

We normally meet monthly in Durham City on the second Wednesday of the month at 11am. Our meetings are fully disabled accessible. We have a suggested donation of up to £2 at each meeting cover refreshemnt costs etc.

Full membership is available to those who identify as LGBT+ and are aged 50 or over at just £5 a year.. LGBT+ allies (e.g. Family members, friends and carers of LGBT+ people) can join as associate members. Representatives from organisations related to the aims of the group can join as an associate member.

Wherever you place yourself on a spectrum of LGBT sexuality, you will be welcome.

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Thanks to our sponsors and supporters (links open new tab/window):
Durham County Council County Durham Community Foundation. Arnold Clark automotive

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