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LGBT+ Over50s County Durham

Pride Events

If you're not 'out' you have probably steered clear of pride events, or maybe you've been put off by some of the more flamboyant participants. But don't be. It's easy to turn up and wander around, browse the stalls and savour the atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance. You might meet and chat to new friends, who knows?

We hope to see you at Pride in 2022!

In 2022 Durham Pride will be a live event on 28th and 29th May, details at

Local Prides in 2021

Middlesbrough Pride was held on 2 October 2021 with a series of live events across the town. More information at

Northern Pride in Newcastle is usually the biggest Pride event in the region, but in 2021 was online only once more. New Window

Sunderland Pride was only 'virtual' this year again because of Covid-19, more at New Window

In 2021 Durham Pride was a live event on 31 July at the Sands, details at

Darlington Pride was a live event in 2021, spread over Staurday 7 August to Monday 9 August; their Facebook page is at[0]&__xts__[1]&__xts__[2]=68.ARBrmyouiTgt4k... New Window

Chester-le-Street Pride, the first ever, was on Sunday 15 August at 1pm in Riverside Park, near the café.

Northumberland Pride was on Saturday 28th August 2021 held at Ashington, at Peoples Park between 11am -7pm. New Window