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Patrick C Notchtree

Author based in North-East England. Speaker on LGBT+ issues, rape survivor, CSA.

My book covers, fiction, memoir and non-fiction
Maxym Maxym is a beautiful, loving and lovable young Russian man. But there's a dark side to Maxym. No, not that he's gay but he's a merciless killer. A page turning thriller on Kindle, paperback and audiobook.
The Clouds Still Hang The true story of my life. The only fictional elements are that I have changed the names of people and some place names. The events, good, bad and ugly, are true.
A Little Book of Islam A quick easy read that covers the basics of this important religion.
Apostrophe Catastrophe Forget what you were taught at school. There's just ONE simple apostrophe rule. Never get it wrong again!
Hunting Harry A fast paced novella of deception and betrayal.
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I have published five books so maybe that makes me an author. I am a member of the so-called 'golden generation' that was born just after the second world war, 1946 in my case, who have lived through a time of increasing prosperity and social and health care. There was always the imminent threat of nuclear war, but I'm not complaining.

I suppose I knew from an early age I was gay but without defining it as such. It was highly illegal then as well as being seen as socially unacceptable. But trying to repress one's true sexuality is not a good idea and, sadly, I failed disastrously at one point. Things have thankfully changed since then, but I will refrain from putting too much biographical detail here, as that would be a spoiler for my memoir, but I now live with my wife in the north of England with family nearby.

I am autistic (so-called "high functioning") and now I am slowly losing my sight to macular degeneration.

This page is essentially to provide links to my books and to the various other miscellaneous writings I have produced.




Front cover of Maxym

He looks like an angel but kills like a devil.

Growing up in a Russia plagued by homophobia, Maxym wrestles with his conflicting emotions towards Muslims and his own suppressed homosexuality. Alongside his innate psychopathic tendencies and an unsettling fascination with killing, his exceptional marksmanship skills make him a coveted asset. Trained to be an unrelenting assassin, he walks a precarious tightrope, embodying a paradoxical blend of tender affections and unwavering loyalty to the nation that nurtured him—an enigmatic figure in the tapestry of contemporary Russia.
Maxym's insatiable thirst for revenge propels him into perilous missions across Syria, Africa, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, amassing immense wealth at a young age. However, the year 2022 brings with it a reckoning in Ukraine, demanding an exorbitant price for his actions.
Amidst the tangled web of Maxym's journey lies a poignant exploration of the intricate bond between Ukraine and Russia. The stifling atmosphere of Putin's Russia forces him to conceal his true sexual identity, facing mounting danger as time progresses.
Inspired by true events, this gripping tale unravels the extraordinary life of a young Russian, set against the backdrop of a 21st-century ordinary Russian family. This biographical novel delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of justice.
Available for Kindle and in Paperback.
A novel inspired by true events.
Not suitable for under 18s or the faint-hearted.
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I am a male, and males are not afraid.


The Clouds Still Hang

The Clouds Still Hang - info card

A Triumphant Journey of Love, Betrayal, and Self-Discovery

Haunted by a traumatic childhood, Simon strives to rise above his past in a relentless pursuit of self-redemption.
Through the avatar of Simon, the author fearlessly shares his struggles with sexuality, as truth and transformed identities intertwine within the pages. Simon's story begins with a childhood friendship that evolves into a forbidden love affair with an older boy. In adolescence and early adulthood, he faces turmoil that threatens to consume his spirit.
In the first instalment, Simon's story unfurls against the backdrop of a childhood friendship that blossoms into a tender, forbidden love affair with an older boy. The second book delves into the tumultuous years of adolescence and early adulthood, where trauma looms large and shadows threaten to consume his spirit. Finally, in the third instalment, Simon confronts the precarious battle to maintain inner harmony, wrestling with the dire consequences of a critical misstep.
Through the captivating avatar of Simon, the author fearlessly tackles personal demons head-on, unearthing a poignant exploration of the human condition. While names may have changed, the events pulsate with the authenticity of real-life experiences.
Embark on an exhilarating ride through this captivating trilogy, where love and loyalty intertwine with betrayal, triumph, and tragedy.
Please note that this book contains explicit sexual narratives, including instances of sexual violence. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, as this varied, exciting, demanding, and sometimes terrifying life story captivates your senses and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.
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A Little Book of Islam

The book, 'A Little Book of Islam'.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback!

Islam is scary. Muslims are scary. Or so many westerners think, and after the recent history of terrorism carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam, one can understand it if that is all they know about approximately 1.25 billion people on the planet, or about one in six people on Earth. Islam is more than just a religion as the term is usually seen in the west by most people. It is a whole way of life and is central to a Muslim's existence. But is this scary? Fear can often be explained by ignorance of the other and I hope that this little book will help in a small way to spread a little more knowledge of Islam and its followers and help to bridge a widening gap between Muslims and the societies in the west where they live.

"An excellent read. Accessible, well-researched and useful pick up. For those totally new to Islam, and who know nothing about it, then this is for you. It presents a balanced, no-nonsense approach to Islam which is suitable for a newbie, a scholar or for those with a passing interest in learning about this beautiful religion. This is a book to have on your shelf and I hope that many will read it."

Andrew (Drew) Dalton
Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, University of Sunderland

"First of all. I feel the need to start by commending Patrick C. Notchtree for his exceptional work on this book. It went above and beyond my expectations. A little book of Islam is a well- researched and understandable book." Reviewer

"Presenting a dispassionate approach to Islam. The book has 25 short chapters on essential topics on Islam. You' ll find topics ranging from the birth of Islam to the teachings of the Qu'ran. To the concept of Angels and Jinn. " Reviewer

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Apostrophe Catastrophe

The book, 'Apostrophe Catastrophe'.

Available for Kindle and in hardback!

The apostrophe must be the most misunderstood and misused piece of punctuation in the language. This is made worse by the fact that most people simply fail to understand what it does, and make it unnecessarily complicated. The result is that many people, in an effort to appear correct, use a scatter-gun approach, dropping in apostrophes every time the letter "s" ends a word, for plurals, possessives and contractions alike.
In fact, using the apostrophe correctly is easy - once you know the rule!
Notice I say, "the rule". Despite the confusion about this and many variations, there is in fact just one place where an apostrophe is used. Just one. It really is easy to remember. Buy the book and never get it wrong again!
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John Humphrys; BBC Journalist; Presenter, 'Today', BBC Radio 4, 'Mastermind'.

"Welcome to the pedants' club. I'm struggling to find a way of faulting your theory ... and having a bit of trouble.
Well done."
John Humphrys
(BBC Journalist; Presenter, 'Today', BBC Radio 4, 'Mastermind'.)


Hunting Harry

Cover of Hunting Harry

A city financier dies leaving millions locked away in secret accounts. His son looks forward to a fortune but there's a catch, the will. It falls to a jobbing actor to play the role of his life to unlock the key to great wealth. Follow the twists and turns of the plot in this short book.

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Miscellaneous Blog posts and Links

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