Patrick Durham

Song for Marion

I was pleased to be a film extra working with such actors as the great Vanessa Redgrave and accomplished stars like Christopher Eccleston, Terence Stamp and Gemma Arterton.

No pictures of me, unfortunately, as I was taking them.

The film was made in the North East, although it's not specifically set in the region.

Song for Marion is a feature film starring Vanessa Redgrave (Atonement), Terence Stamp (Superman), Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who).

Song for Marion is a comedic drama being filmed in Newcastle and Durham, about grumpy pensioner Arthur (Terence Stamp) who is reluctantly inspired by his beloved wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) to join a highly unconventional local choir. At odds with his son James (Christopher Eccleston) it is left to choir director Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton) to try and persuade Arthur that he can learn to embrace life. Arthur must confront the undercurrents of his own grumbling persona as he embarks on a hilarious, life-affirming journey of musical self discovery.

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