Patrick Durham

Patrick Durham is an actor and TV/Film supporting artiste based in County Durham UK, who can be contacted by email

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"The Dumping Ground" - Children's TV drama; shopper, passer-by (Sept 2018)
"Gold" - 'Bollywood' story of India's first Olypmic gold medal, 1948; spectator (Aug 2017)
"Walk Like a Panther" - feature film; pub drinker (May 2017)
"Victoria" - TV drama, series 2; mourner (Apr 2017)
"Victoria" - TV drama about the young queen; abolitionist Quaker (Apr 2016)
"In the Club" - TV drama set in maternity hospital; hospital visitor (Oct 2015)
"The Limehouse Golem" - film of horrific 19th century London murders; wild eyed elderly man - with lines! (Oct 2015)
"Slow Connection", Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge; man on platform (Oct. 2015)
"Beowulf", TV drama series; Villager, woodcutter (Jun 2015)
"Emmerdale", TV 'soap'; Pub drinker. (Jun 2015)
"Holy Terrors", an Edwardian melodrama; Mr. Sayce, the chemist. (Jan 2015)
"Come on Home", a Christmas short (Dec 2014)
"Genius" - the literary world of 1930s New York (Oct 2014)
"Sleep Tight", Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge; Old man in cafe (Oct 2014)
"The Pen Snatcher" - a satirical film; the priest (Apr 2014)
"Bill" - a comedy film about Shakespeare (Feb 2014)
"Jonathan Strange", period drama for TV (Jan 2014)
"Jamaica Inn", period drama for TV (Nov 2013)
"First Year", 48 Hr Film entry; Headmaster. (Oct 2013)
"Vera", TV detective series. Series 4, episode 2; wheelchair patient (Aug 2013)
"The Fallen", Zombie film,a zombie (Aug 2013)
"Death comes to Pemberley", period drama for TV (Jul 2013)
Music Video for US band "All That Remains" (Jun 2013)
"Blasted Mail" a metaphorical film about the value of human uniqueness: the postbox man (June 2013)
"Reconcile" film about dementia: Walter, the father (May 2013)
"Soldiers of the Damned", feature film; SS soldier (May 2013)
"The Carriage Girl", Actor, Creepy Clinton (Oct 2012)
Stoptober anti-smoking campaign, (Sep 2012)
"In Control", Joint lead as the Puppet Master (Jun 2012)
"Backtrack", The father (Apr 2012)
Andrew Marr's 'History of the World' (Mar 2012)
"A Song for Marion" (Jul 2011)
Taken during a photo shoot 2014
Patrick on horseback Patrick as a police inspector
Patrick in a wig, Georgian style Patrick in Nuremberg
Patrick in Georgian costume Patrick as a zombie - great fun

Gender: Male
Born: 1946
Specialist Areas: Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Presenter
Equity: M00423834
Height: 5 ft 11in
Head size: 22 in
Collar Size: 15.5in
Chest Size: 40 in
Waist Size: 36in
Inside Leg Size: 31in
Shoe Size: 9 UK
Hat Size: 7 1/8 (22 5/8")in
Hair Colour: Silver
Hair Length: Mainly Bald
Facial Hair: None / Clean Shaven
Skin Type: White
Eye Colour: Hazel
Wears Glasses: Yes but can see without them, (but not to drive)
Languages: Some German, some French
Accents: BBC, RP, North East. Also not as good; German, French, Irish, American
Distinguishing Marks: None
Smoker: No
Driving: Full car licence (Advanced motorist), full motorcycle licence.
DBS Certificate: Available, dated 06 Nov 2018

Skills/Previous Experience:

I can just about ride a horse, I have been a both a teacher and police officer, At one time I worked in BBC local radio (Nottingham, Leeds, Durham) doing voiceover, short programmes, anchor and continuity work, and other Station Assistant roles. Now retired.

I have been in a range of feature film roles as an SA, some with lines, TV dramas, and number of short films including lead roles.
I pride myself on having a professional approach to this work, being reliable and punctual, and not being a 'meerkat'. While I have met and got on well with a number principals, I never approach and bother them, and only engage if approached.

Personal Summary:

I am confident, well spoken, literate. I have been told I look "distinguished". I have been doing acting work for a few years now and as I had done no acting since schooldays, this has opened a new world to me and I enjoy it.


The calendar shows Patrick's availability. Blank dates are available. Dates shown as booked may also include dates set aside for work applied and auditioned for so some dates may become available again.