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This important letter of St. Paul sets forth his teaching on "Justification by Faith", that is, by faith, and not by works of the Law, we receive the Grace of God and are made acceptable to Him. The arguments the Apostle uses are at times abstruse and difficult to follow outside the context of Jewish thought. There are, however, many helpful and inspired passages in this letter and these are included for study.

After a rather lengthy and involved greeting and explanation of his reasons for writing, St Paul (quoting from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk.2.v2) announces the theme which he then elaborates, "It is by faith that we gain (Eternal) Life".
Romans 1.vv.1-21

The Apostle now declares that all mankind, whether Jews or Gentiles, stand before God guilty of sin, but through faith in Jesus Christ are "justified" ("acquitted" or "made acceptable" to God).
Romans 3.vv.10-26 and 4.vv.7-8

St Paul describes the blessings which stem from the sacrificial death of Christ.
Romans 5.vv.1-11

St. Paul sets forth the theme of spiritual life and death and the power of the indwelling Spirit. He concludes with a wonderful affirmation of faith - a passage well known and well beloved.
Romans 6.vv.1-11, 8.vv.26-27, vv.31-39

Life in the Spirit has its practical consequences for all who embrace it and its gifts are to be used to God's glory.
Romans 12.vv.1-21

Jesus' summary of the Law of Love is reproduced by the Apostle coupled with an urgent summons to be active and alert for "whether we live or die we are the Lord's".
Romans 13.vv.8-14, 14.vv.7-9

The letter ends with greetings to friends in Rome and an ascription of honour and glory to God.
Romans 16.vv.25-27

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