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This letter of St. Paul was sent to the Church that he founded in Corinth. Sadly divisions have arisen in the Christian congregation, and the Apostle is anxious that there shall be no rifts among them. As their "Founding Father", St. Paul lays down strict codes of behaviour for this Church, dealing in detail with matters such as sexual immorality, lawsuits, marriage bonds, slavery, food laws, the worship of idols and the subordination of woman to man. Most of this ethical teaching is omitted here, but there are some wonderfully deep religious insights contained in this letter.

The letter begins with an expression of faith in his converts and an appeal not to be disunited. The Apostle declares that the message he delivered is one of simplicity, yet of spiritual power.
ICorinthians 1.vv.1-17, and 2.vv.1-13

St. Paul returns to the theme of disunity and quarrelling and emphasises that those who founded the Church are but servants of God, building upon Christ as the foundation.
ICorinthians 3.vv.5-11, vv.16-23

After giving detailed instructions about the conduct of Christians as in the introduction to this letter, St. Paul ends with an important passage referring to the institution of "Holy Communion".
ICorinthians 11.vv.23-26

The Apostle now gives details of spiritual gifts and their use in building up the "Body of Christ" - His Church.
ICorinthians 12.vv.1-31

One of the best known and best loved passages of this letter is St. Paul's "Hymn to Love".
ICorinthians 13.vv.1-13

The Apostle now deals with the phenomena of prophecy and "speaking in tongues".
ICorinthians 14.vv.1-5

The important Chapter 15 contains a summary of the gospel message which St. Paul delivered to the Corinthian Church, and his teaching about the Resurrection of the Dead.
ICorinthians 15.vv.1-28

The letter ends with the Apostle's final injunction and greetings.
ICorinthians 16.vv.13-14, vv.20-21, v.24

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