St. Paul's second letter to Corinth contains some valuable autobiographical details and religious insights.

After greeting his friends in the Church, the Apostle tells of his and his companions' suffering for the sake of the gospel and his consolation in Christ.
2Corinthians 1.vv.1-11

Despite the hardship and heartache, St. Paul declares his unswerving devotion to the ministry and the proclamation of the gospel.
2Corinthians 4.vv.1-12

The Apostle now describes the new life in Christ and the Christian role in reconciliation.
2Corinthians 5.vv.17-21, and 6.vv.1-10

St. Paul encourages the Church in charitable giving, citing for example the generosity of God and His Son Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 8.vv.1-9, and 9.vv.6-15

The Apostle enumerates the hardships he has endured for the sake of the gospel and his anxiety for the young churches.
2Corinthians 11.vv.24-28

St. Paul concludes his letter with a final appeal and the "Trinitarian Grace" which has become so much a part of Christian worship.
2Corinthians 13.vv.11-13

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