(As many lengthy sections are recommended here, these are better read from the Bible. Hyperlinks are used for shorter passages for convenience - PN)

St. Paul in the introduction to this letter commends very warmly the faith of the Thessalonian converts; here we have a tender picture of the Apostle gently nurturing them in the faith.
I Thess.1.vv.1-10, 2.vv.1-17, and 3.vv.6-13

Having praised the converts for their faith and conduct, the Apostle urges them to even greater efforts in holy living.
I Thess.4.vv.1-12

There was apparently doubt in the minds of some in the church about what would happen to the souls of those who died before the coming of the "Day of the Lord". St. Paul attempts to reassure them with a verbal picture of the Day of the Lord. Although to many these thought forms may seem naive and improbable, no doubt they were comforting to those vexed by the problem.
I Thess.4.v.13 - 5.v.11

The letter ends with an appeal to the church to hold fast the faith in purity of life in love, joy and peace; a very lovely benediction concludes the letter.
I Thess.5.vv.12-28

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