This letter addressed to Jewish Christians dispersed in the Mediterranean area has been subjected over the years to considerable adverse criticism, but we select the gems embedded in it and let them speak for themselves.

As Jesus taught, prayer to be effective should be offered with faith and conviction.
James 1.vv.5-8

God is the source of all giving and generosity.
James 1.v.17

James defines pure religion in a pragmatic manner as did the Old Testament prophets.
James 1.vv.19-27

A false and unhelpful distinction is often made between "faith" and "works" but in the context of James's words, one may perceive that the distinction is more apparent than real!
James 2.vv.14-18, v.26

James warns against the unbridled tongue with its attendant dangers.
James 3.vv.9-12

The writer commends the wisdom that comes from above.
James 3.vv.13-18

James ends his letter with practical advice for godly living and the treatment of those who are suffering, emphasising the power of prayer.
James 5.vv.13-16

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