G58    2 PETER

(As much of the book is recommended here, this is better read from the Bible. Hyperlinks are therefore not provided - PN)

In his second letter St. Peter shows that he has come to terms with his impending death and wishes to exhort and encourage his readers before his departure.

The Apostle warns his readers against those who subvert the truth and deny their Master Christ.

2Peter 1.vv.1-21, and 2.vv.1-3

St. Peter reminds his readers that they must pay attention to the sacred words of the Prophets and Apostles.

The "Day of the Lord" may be delayed, but it will surely come in God's good time. The Apostle uses the imagery current in his day for the terrible "Day of the Lord", and the new order that is to succeed it.

2 Peter 3.vv.1-4, vv.8-13

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