The Halakha

Jesus said: "I am the Way the Truth and the Life" John 146

When Jesus said these memorable words, so dear to Christian people, he was referring to what was known in Hebrew as "Halakha" and is still in modern days held in honour as the basis of Jewish Law. The root meaning of "halakha" is "going" or "the correct way" or "the way to go".

"Halakha" is the practical application of the 613 (not simply 10) Commandments given to Moses and developed by Jewish rabbis over the centuries.

Within these laws there is no distinction between religious and secular laws, but Halakha was originally enforceable as law.

Although in theory there can be no deviation from the practice and beliefs of Halakha there is no overall judicial body that can legislate for the whole of Jewry scattered over the world, and so there is no absolute conformity. Nevertheless, modern Jewry recognises the sanctity and upholds the validity of Halakha and rabbis consult together and debate and determine locally what modifications, if any, are desirable for Halakha.

One cannot but envy, (or at least admire), the relatively happy lot of Jewish communities in which there is a clear and codified system of beliefs and practices for the guidance of those who seek to follow the way of the Truth and the Life under God.

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