The Ten Commandments of Judaism and Christianity

It is said that several years ago at a great international banquet some of the guests were boasting of their ancestors and someone said, "One of my ancestors was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

"Really?" said a rabbi seated somewhat further down the table, "One of mine wrote the Ten Commandments".

A hush ensued!

If you visit some of the ancient churches in Britain you will see very many tablets or painted boards bearing the words of the Ten Commandments for the edification of the Christian worshippers.

Have we discovered the beginning of Wisdom? It could be so!

"See how great a flame aspires
Kindled by a spark of grace"

From that brief summary of the Law, or Torah, grew the vast body of material that the Jews have amassed over the centuries and valued as a guide to righteous living and a warning against sinning.

The injunctions and warnings, (both positive and negative) developed in the early days of law giving are still current in Jewish Law.

The following are among some of the more important:

  1. To worship the one true God, creator of all living creatures man and beast
  2. To worship the one Holy God who loves and sustains His creation.
  3. To be careful to walk in His way; to love and honour Him; love one's neighbour, family and friends; guard the tongue from falsehood, boasting and impurity; to exercise discipline; be generous in almsgiving and careful in making friends; cultivate wisdom, pursue her and hold her fast when found;

to remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

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