Marriage and the Prophets

As though anticipating the teaching of Jesus Christ on fidelity in human relationships and the sanctity of the marriage bond, the prophets had much to say about marriage and discipline and responsibility those two essential virtues that uphold the stability of marriage.

We need to remember, if we are married, that after the first fine careless rapture, however long we have been married every single day our marriage is something to be "worked at".

There is a need of discipline lest lack of openness with one's partner leads to resentment and "distancing".

Marriage is not simply a licence to sleep together, but rather to lie awake in a loving relationship until, holding hands, we find peace and joy overtaking us and sleep coming upon us. Without words, the clasping of a hand is the re-enactment of the giving of the man and wife in marriage and the act is not merely a symbol that "you belong to me, and I belong to you". The holding of a partner's hand is an important reminder of what true trust is all about.

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