Broken Marriages

One of the most tragic events in the lives of adults and children is when a married couple decide that they must part company, with all the pain and disappointment that will cause them, their children, relatives and friends. Even as the prophets, especially Hosea, lamented the apostasy and infidelity of God's people to their "husband and lover", (God), even so we enter into the human tragedy.

Before we are tempted to pontificate about the situation, let us realise that our role is to show compassion not condemnation, and support rather than blame. We cannot enter into the heart and mind of one of the parties, much less of both. It may be that they misjudged their ability to trust, that they can overcome their differences with the help of kind friends or have not learned that we should not "let the sun go down on our wrath" and thereby miss the healing and joy of reconciliation with their partner.

Whatever the cause may be, we can bring our love and support and the assurance that God himself also cares.

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