Webmaster's Notes

This has been a labour of love for Eric Little, and his main concern is that people anywhere in the world can have the benefit of his years of study, teaching and prayer. For me, it has been a privilege to prepare this for the World Wide Web from the text typed up by Eric's daughter-in-law Valerie.

I am indebted to The Rev'd Andrew Spurr for his help with additional material relating to its presentation on the Internet and to Jason Lester for his help and advice.

It has been kept deliberately simple with no frames, Java or Javascripts etc, although there are some pages which use tables to create a pleasing layout.
The site should therefore be available to as many browsers as possible, world-wide.

It consists of two distinct parts

  1. "The Word of the Lord" - a guidebook to the Old and New Testaments and
  2. "We Preach Christ" - a collection of commentaries on the Bible, one for each week of the year, with a further twenty for special occasions.
"The Word of the Lord"

Every book of the Old and New Testament is represented in this study and references are given to the "recommended passages". Any version of the Bible may be used, but it is suggested that for the sake of clarity and modern scholarship the "New Revised Standard Version" be used.

"We Preach Christ"

Having read the Gospel passages in this website, the reader should now read the "reflection" that follows. There are altogether 52 passages, one for each of the weeks of the year in Section A, and 20 additional passages on major Christian Festivals in Section B.

Throughout, where there are hyperlinks to Biblical quotations, users should use the BACK button to return to the point in "The Guidebook" or "We Preach Christ" from which they came. This obviates the need for Javascript which some browsers do not interpret.

The on-line quotations are included for convenience. It is assumed that for longer passages (e.g. The Gospels) the user will have access to a Bible, and these are not quoted.

Download Information

Even though some of the pages are short, for the sake of consistency, I have kept them as separate files rather than combine them. In this way, each book retains its separate identity.

Users may wish to download the entire site in one go and use it from the screen at their leisure. To enable this, all the files, including those biblical references typed up to provide hyperlinks are available in the compressed archive wordlord.zip (511K). To download this, click here. You may then unzip the files into a directory on your hard disk or other drive and use the site entirely off line. The Home page is called index.htm

May 1997

"Wisdom & A Study in Discipline and Responsibility"

Eric's 2006 additional work is now added to the site. This is in the form of a short book. Users may wish to download it and so there is a PDF version available from that section of the site. It may freely be used provided the source is acknowledged.

April 2006

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