I am a male, and males are not afraid.

I am a male, and males are not afraid

Coming soon! A new novel by Patrick C. Notchtree!

(And I can finally finish it if I can get to meet the eponymous protagonist again but things keep getting Putin the way.)

A small boy is left orphaned and traumatized by the murder of his parents and rape of his sister in war torn Grozny in 1999. Taken in by Russian militia, he exacts revenge before being taken away and brought up in Russia.

As he grows up, he has to confront his sexuality and also his psychopathic desire to kill and the pleasure he gets from it. But his extraordinary talent makes him a valuable commodity and he is trained to become a ruthless assassin, fiercely loyal to Russia, the nation that nurtured him.

"He looks like an angel but kills like a devil."

He becomes very wealthy very young but in 2022 there is a price to pay in Ukraine.

A novel inspired by true events.

Not suitable for under 18s or the faint-hearted.

Front cover of Maxym