An M/M Action Adventure Thriller

I am a male, and males are not afraid

He looks like an angel but kills like a devil.

In war-ravaged Chechnya in 2000, six-year-old Maxym's life is shattered when his parents are brutally murdered by Islamic militants and his sister is subjected to a horrific assault. Orphaned, he is adopted by Russian militia and embarks on a path of vengeful retribution, unleashing a deadly fury before being whisked away to Russia for a new life.

Growing up in a Russia plagued by homophobia, Maxym wrestles with his conflicting emotions towards Muslims and his own suppressed homosexuality. Alongside his innate psychopathic tendencies and an unsettling fascination with killing, his exceptional marksmanship skills make him a coveted asset. Trained to be an unrelenting assassin, he walks a precarious tightrope, embodying a paradoxical blend of tender affections and unwavering loyalty to the nation that nurtured him—an enigmatic figure in the tapestry of contemporary Russia.

Maxym's insatiable thirst for revenge propels him into perilous missions across Syria, Africa, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, amassing immense wealth at a young age. However, the year 2022 brings with it a reckoning in Ukraine, demanding an exorbitant price for his actions.

Amidst the tangled web of Maxym's journey lies a poignant exploration of the intricate bond between Ukraine and Russia. The stifling atmosphere of Putin's Russia forces him to conceal his true sexual identity, facing mounting danger as time progresses.

This gripping tale unravels the extraordinary life of a young Russian, set against the backdrop of a 21st-century ordinary Russian family. This biographical novel delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

A novel inspired by true events.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback and as an Audiobook.

18 logo Not suitable for under 18s or the faint-hearted.

Front cover of Maxym
Grand Prize shortlist, 2024, for the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Prize. Honorable Mention, 2024, for the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Prize.NBew Window Even nicer to have!
Global lBook awards Finalist 2023 Global Book Awards finalist 2023. (OK, not the Booker, but nice to have.)