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Gerry Steinberg MPGeneral Election Results

Election Results

Results for elections in 1987, 1992, 1997 & 2001
Durham City Parliamentary Constituency

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Names of candidates refer to last election
Labour (G. Steinberg)2325456.131,10263.327,09553.323,38244.9
Lib Dem (C. Woods)981323.47,49915.310,91521.5  
Conservative (N. Cartmell)716717.18,59817.512,03723.711,40821.9
UK IP (C. Williamson)12522.9      
Green (S.J. Banks)    8121.6  
Natural Law (P. Kember)  2130.4    
Labour Majority1344132.122,50445.815,05829.66,12511.8

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