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1945 - 2015; MP for the City of Durham 1987 - 2005  

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A Celebration of Gerry Steinberg MP

4 Mar 2005
Gerry delighted with an autographed football
Gerry delighted with an autographed football
Labour Party members and others came from near and far to pay tribute to Gerry Steinberg's time as MP for Durham City.
The event, a celebration of Gerry's time in Parliament since 1987 until the next election when he is standing down, was held at the Three Tuns Hotel in Durham on Friday 4 March, 2005. One hundred and fifty people filled the room, including seven MPs and a government Minister.

A man of principle to the end

Gerry Steinberg passed away 19 August 2015, aged 70.
He had fought a long and courageous battle with cancer for some years, and being the stubborn fighter he always had been, refused to do any other than live as full a life as he could, devoting his time to his family, especially his grandchildren. He was the local lad made good, and always fought for Durham and its people. Under his leadership, the city's leisure centres were built, and later as MP, he brought the passport office to Durham, allegedly after plying the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw, with drink in the Commons bar!
In accordance with Gerry's firm wishes, the funeral was private. If you wish to send a message of condolence or share a memory of Gerry, you are welcome to do so here. Messages posted may be read here
With Gerry, what you saw is what you got. He was as straight and direct as can be, a man of principle, who always fought for and did what he thought was right. He stood by his friends when they were in trouble, and he will be deeply missed, by his family of course, and also by his many friends
Obituary The Guardian | Daily Telegraph

Gerry and Meg beside the plaque in the Town Hall

Freeman of the City!

"Most valued honour"

8 Dec 2005
Gerry Steinberg has been admitted as an Honorary Freeman of the City of Durham.
This is a rarely bestowed honour (the last one was Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1987) and reflects the esteem in which Gerry is held by people of all political persuasions in Durham. Gerry said this was the honour he valued above all others.
The ceremony was carried out with all pomp and pageantry at a specially convened meeting of Durham City Council in the historic Town Hall on Thursday 8 December 2005.

Sir Kevin Tebbit
Sir Kevin Tebbit

PAC missing Gerry

9 Nov 2005
The Public Accounts Committee, on which Gerry served so long, is missing his combative presence.
At a recent and not well attended session, Sir Kevin Tebbit, with whom Gerry crossed swords more than once, remarked that he was missing Gerry the most!

David Guy of the NUM speaking at the Durham Miners' GalaGerry "touched" by Gala Tribute

9 Jul 2005
Gerry Steinberg has said he is "touched" by a tribute paid to him at the 121st Durham Miners' Gala on 9th July.
David Guy of the NUM who was introducing the platform speakers thanked Gerry, who retired at the May 2005 election, for his solidarity with the miners.

Gerry delighted with Labour's victory

6 May 2005
Gerry welcomed Labour's win in the 2005 General Election by Roberta Blackman-Woods to keep the seat he held for eighteen years for Labour.

Gerry said,

"I am delighted that Labour has retained the seat in Durham City. Despite the biggest campaign ever mounted in Durham by the Lib Dems, with huge resources, they failed to beat us. The Labour vote has held reasonably steady, and there was tactical voting by the Tories to try to get Labour out. This was their ideal opportunity to win but even then they failed.
"Labour is safe in Durham and I suggest to the Lib Dems that they move on and find another seat to try. Labour is on the move in Durham and is set to retake the City Council."

In the county elections, Gerry was especially pleased that Donna Whitfield, for many years his Office Manager in Durham, had been elected to the County council.

Down to the Wire

11th April 2005
Gerry Steinberg served the people of Durham as their MP right to the wire.
In his last few days as an MP, Gerry continued to fight for issues dear to his heart, including animal welfare, backing a Commons motion calling on Canada to end the slaughter of seals.
He also arranged for Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate, to meet with the schools' Minister to discuss problems with Durham Johnston School.
His sterling work on the Public Accounts Committee, where he was noted for a determination to get to the truth in a combative style, continued right to the end, with some reports still to be published. Gerry ceased to be an MP at 5 p.m. on Monday 11th April 2005.
Gerry says he will now back out of political life. After so long in the fray, we shall see.

I maintained an office in the centre of Durham city so as to be as accessible to constituents as I could be. I owe a great debt to those who staffed the office over the years, notably to Donna Whitfield, who was with me the longest and also to Christine who joined the team later. Donna Whitfield and Christine Carey at the Durham office.

The Durham City Office
Office Manager Donna Whitfield and Constituency Assistant Christine Carey

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