The Dreaded Apostrophe

Avoid an "Apostrophe Catastrophe" with the little red book.

Other Apostrophe Websites

Many people are concerned about standards in written English and have produced similar websites, and all credit to them. I think all though adopt what I think is a confusing multi-rule approach. I hope you can see that the consistent one rule approach adopted on this site fits all the examples given on other sites.

The Apostrophe Protection Society

The Owl online Writing Lab (archive)

Taming the Apostrophe!

The Apostrophe - Ottawa University

Punctuation Made Simple - still not simple enough though.

Sharon Colon's Apostrophe Page - some nice pictures of straying apostrophes

Literacy Education Online

Queen's English Society

Problems with apostrophes - Paul Doherty's take on this.

The apostrophe: where to stick it

32 Resources for Better Online Writing

There are many more - just Google "Apostrophe". But they all insist on you learning at least two separate rules. But you know now there's really only one.

Other Language Links

World Wide Words - a fascinating compendium of linguistic lore which one can browse for far too long!

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