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The Shopping Trip

The boys and girls decided to go to town for a look round because there wasnt much to do at home. Johns coat was torn, so he borrowed his sisters. She wasnt going with them.

"Lets go round the shops," said Susans brother Stephen. The childrens parents had given them some money to spend.

"Dont you lose it," Richards father had said to him, so Richards money was in his pocket when he set out, but Alans had a zip so he ended up carrying Richards money as well as his own so they couldnt lose it.

In the shop, Alans zip got stuck, but Lucys skill got it open again.

"Thats good," said Alan, "both Richards and my moneys in there. Now its OK and we cant get into trouble."

The boys money came to more money than the girls, but theyd decided to share it equally. Then some of the boys said they wouldnt share it and the girls said theyd broken the agreement.

"Share it out," said Anne. "Its what you said youd do!"

"No, cant," said David.

"Perhaps wed better," said Richard, "Its what we said wed do."

"OK," said David, "I expect youre right but Im not very happy."

The boys money and the girls money was all put in Johns coat pocket because none of the girls coat pockets were deep enough.

The childrens afternoon was spent looking round, but they couldnt find anything they all wanted to buy, so in the end, the boys and girls went off to their homes.

"Wow!" said Johns sister. "Whats all this money doing in my coat pocket? Im rich!"


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