David Writes - Issues and Opinion

05/02/10 Months of hell - and nothing to repay!
22/06/09 Ban on Display of Tobacco products
20/06/09 The 'Rug'
17/05/09 David explains to his electors - Expenses
14/02/09 Global Recession: The Facts About Britain
04/07/08 The John Lewis List
04/07/08 My Secretary
03/07/08 David's Response to the Gary Scott letter
15/03/08 Lib Dem 'meaningless pranks'
19/12/07 Youth Opportunity - opting out is not an option
23/11/07 Lies, Damn Lies and Lib Dems
07/11/07 What Conviction Politics mean
30/11/06 Gateshead Crossroads Caring for Carers Conference
10/11/06 Governments slow to realise Internet Danger
30/09/06 No Second Chance on Climate Change
27/09/06 Victims "at the heart of government policy"
26/08/06 Buses should be "connecting, not competing"
21/06/06 Carers Deserve a Fairer Deal
14/10/05 Speech at Irish Festival
08/05/04 Amicus Northern Region Political meeting held in Murton

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