Tony Blair

Election Address

"Four years ago, Labour promised a fresh start for Britain, and it was clear this is what the people wanted. Since then, I believe the Labour Government has achieved much to make the country a better place.

More jobs for Durham!

More jobs for Durham!

Our economy is stable and steadily growing with over a million more people in work. This means we can now afford record investment in schools, hospitals and transport, and guarantee this continues well into the future.

Labour has transformed support for families and communities. The working families tax credit has changed lives and made work worth while. The 10p lower rate income tax helps millions of lower paid workers, and the Children's tax credit has put more money in the family purse.

The New Deal has proved successful in helping the young, the over 50s and the long term unemployed to obtain the skills they need to find jobs in a changing world.

Measures like the first ever minimum wage, paid holidays for workers, equal rights for part time workers, and record rises in child benefit are changing the way people can live and plan their lives.

With more support for Senior Citizens, including the minimum income guarantee, the rise in basic pensions, winter fuel payments and free bus passes, Labour has made a difference already for older people.

Of course, there is still much more to do. After two decades of neglect, help for workers, families and older people needs to be a priority to make Britain a fairer society.

I feel Labour has laid the foundations, and I want Labour to build on them on them in the next Government. With your support it will be possible. A vote for me is a vote for Labour to go on making a difference."

Re-elect Gerry Steinberg

You can download Gerry Steinberg's election brochures in full colour in PDF format. It is in Adobe PDF format for which the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If not already installed, it is often on magazine CDs or may be downloaded from Adobe.

Introductory Leaflet

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Main brochure

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This is being delivered to every household in Durham City.

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