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Gerry's letter to First Time Voters

Gerry Steinberg has written a letter to all the first time voters we could identify in the City of Durham Constituency (excluding students normally resident elsewhere).

The letter reads:

You always remember your first time!

This will be your first time to have your say in the running of the country.

You may be wondering whether voting is worth it. Going out to vote at a polling booth in your local community centre or school may not be the most exciting trip you'll ever make but it will be one of the most important. You have a real choice in these elections. You will help to decide what sort of a future you want for your family, your friends and yourself.

Back in 1997 thousands of young people like you voted for the chance of a better Britain with Labour. They were sick of seeing neglect of our schools and colleges. They were tired of being told that a place in a dole queue was all they could expect. They had had enough of their country being run by a Tory party who only cared about a privileged few.

Thanks to their votes, Britain is changing today. Measures like the New Deal are giving young people the skills they need for the jobs they want (over 500 in Durham so far) and the first-ever national minimum wage is helping to make sure that they get paid properly. The number of homeless is falling. Crime is down. Nurses and teacher numbers are up. Cosmetics testing on animals has been banned.

One of my priorities is to bring jobs to Durham, and I was successful in securing the new Passport Office, with 500 jobs, for the city.

This is just a start! There is still a lot of work to be done and we need your help to do it. Labour wants to see a Britain where everyone has a job, child poverty is a thing of the past, where no talent is wasted, where opportunity and security is for all, not just for those who can pay for it.

The Labour Government's policies on education, training and employment offer young adults the best prospects for almost twenty years. I hope you share my, and the Labour Party's, goal of even more improvement by encouraging the talents of our citizens, especially young people. If you do, vote Labour on Thursday June 7th.

Make your first time one to remember!


Gerry Steinberg
The Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for the City of Durham.

P.S. Apathy is our greatest enemy and we need every vote, especially yours. Please use your vote, don't let others make the decisions for you.


If you are a first time voter in Durham and you have not received your letter from Gerry by 1 June, please email to

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